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Hunting a gift for a writer, or for yourself? How about a manuscript consult w/me? I'll give fierce feedback from idea to draft - at a variety of pricepoints. I'm a NYT bestseller, & I've written pretty much everything, from memoir (THE YEAR OF YES), to Young Adult (MAGONIA & AERIE) to adult novels (QUEEN OF KINGS, THE END OF THE SENTENCE, And soon, THE MERE WIFE). I do it for a bunch of writers you’ve, um, read. 

I can do anything from sitting down to break your plot into manageable chunks, to talking about how to get your most ambitious dream on the page, to doing a structure pass and/or line edit like you’ve never seen.

I’ve worked lately on books ranging from a creative nonfiction history of the Russian revolution to intense notes on short stories and fantasy novels. 

My prices are hourly, and reasonable. Just drop me a line to start the discussion. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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